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All eyes are on DAVACO's ClearThread dashboards and store profiles

Improved User Experience and Greater Visibility to Critical Program Data

DAVACO's ClearThread platform now provides an enhanced experience for monitoring and reviewing program data with the introduction of new, fully interactive dashboards and store profiles.

Clients can now retrieve review critical program information in a graphical, user-friendly interface that aggregates and summarizes store/restaurant data to help brands make data-driven and more informed decisions for their locations.

Increased Visibility Empowers Users

With improved ClearThread dashboards and store profiles, users can effectively automate the process of analyzing essential program data, giving brands more control, while saving time and minimizing hassles. Providing store and restaurant intelligence in a comprehensive, visual format empowers clients to maximize the information obtained by DAVACO survey teams and apply that knowledge to proactively resolve exceptions, plan for future programs, and evaluate brand compliance across their footprint.”

User Friendly Data Analysis

ClearThread dashboards utilize charts and maps to provide clear, quick depictions of location and program data, while drill-down functionality provides specific details. Dashboards capture a variety of program information, including: photos, survey responses, locations, location information, virtual tours, exception reporting and recent activity.

Data Collection That Works for Your Brand

DAVACO’s site survey and data collection capabilities allow global brands to accurately obtain a customizable array of relevant information related to the interior or exterior of each location, including:

  • Facilities
  • FF&E
  • OS&E
  • Graphics/digital signage
  • Marketing assets
  • Merchandising standards
  • Brand/legal/safety/ADA assessments

ClearThread makes it easy to manage and analyze the roll-up data, providing global brands endless visibility.