Merchandising Solutions

At DAVACO, we understand the brand perspective. Our merchandising professionals look at things differently… through the eyes of our clients. As seasoned merchandisers, our teams of W-2 and T-4 employees located throughout the United States and Canada have represented a vast array of industries and product types—from apparel and beauty products to beverages, technology and automotive. When you select DAVACO as your merchandising partner, we will assemble a team that understands your brand, your product and the importance of your unique position in the marketplace.

Because of our long history of serving the retail industry, you can be assured that DAVACO understands the challenges and expectations associated with working in every unique environment.

Soft-Line Merchandising

Hard-Line Merchandising

Turnkey Fixture Management

Logistics and consolidation, from manufacturing to final destination

Soft-Line Merchandising Services

DAVACO offers its clients the resources to assure their brand is maximized and well represented within the retail environment. With W-2 and T-4 employees located across the United States and Canada, DAVACO leverages its experienced fashion merchandising and vendor shop / shop-in-shop installation teams to build on our customers' existing brand strategy and extend their reach within department stores, specialty stores and other retail environments. Using ClearThread® Technologies, pertinent information (photos, documents, sign-offs) can be accessed and reviewed with a simple click.

Whether our clients want a complete outsourced solution or help executing a seasonal program, DAVACO provides the right merchandising team and fixture / graphic installers to represent your brand. Our extensive base of field employees enable DAVACO to provide experienced local retail coverage that reflects experience from a wide range of national brands in a variety of industries including: apparel, performance brands, footwear, accessories, home, beauty, technology, luxury items and gifts.

Fashion Merchandising

  • Full-service coordinator program management (full-time and part-time)
  • Supplemental coordinator coverage
  • Merchandising of new shop and new store installations
  • Visual and window displays
  • Large scale merchandising and graphic projects
  • Backroom and stockroom management
  • Development and in-store training programs

Vendor Shop / Shop-In-Shop Services

  • Project management
  • Fixture manufacturing, procurement and logistics
  • Site surveys and store layouts
  • Logistics and consolidation, from manufacturing to final destination
  • Graphic, signage and digital installation
  • Merchandising of products

Hard-line Merchandising

In today's competitive sales environment, manufacturers need a high level of assurance that their product at retail is maximized for profitability. DAVACO's expert merchandising teams offer a "hands-on" approach to all in-store merchandising initiatives. And, because we have a nationwide presence, DAVACO can assemble teams to service store locations across the country, or we can customize a program based on region, store performance or any other variable related to product sales.

DAVACO works with clients to create real solutions that range from simple merchandising and graphic displays to more complex programs:


  • Full store and new store set-ups, remodels and relocations
  • Compliance and continuity of merchandising directives
  • Rollouts, resets and recalls
  • Remerchandising or relocation of products
  • New product categories and item cut-ins
  • New store sets and product placements

Specialized Services

  • Assembly of fixtures and displays
  • Customized online reporting via ClearThread® Technologies
  • Product training
  • Graphic and P.O.P. installations

Turnkey Fixture Management

DAVACO is the premier provider of turnkey fixture solutions for retailers. We provide an integrated, comprehensive approach—with a single point of contact—that assures high-quality, consistent, efficient service from initial concept to final installation. Turnkey fixture management services include:

  • Fixture value-engineering
  • Materials procurement
  • Turnkey fixture manufacturing
  • Overseas importing
  • In-house logistics and consolidation, from manufacturing to final destination
  • De-installation/removal of existing fixtures
  • Installation of new fixtures
  • Merchandising after installation of fixtures

DAVACO is pleased to provide a wide range of fixture and graphic manufacturing capabilities through our preferred partner network.

Logistics and Consolidation

DAVACO provides comprehensive international/domestic supply chain solutions for global brands.  With warehouse facilities located across the globe, DAVACO's expert teams to handle the logistics, consolidation and fulfillment of FF&E, OSE, building materials, signage or any other elements for your brand initiative, streamlines the process and assures success throughout the program.

  • Managed in-bound/out-bound purchase orders
  • Line-item inventory management, with customized pick and pack services and "just in time" deliveries
  • Optimized shipping with warehouses and distribution centers located throughout North America and globally
  • On demand, real-time inventory reporting for full visibility of each team across all warehouses

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