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DAVACO Supports Global Brands with Ability to Improve Customers' In-Store Experience
Turnkey Services for Complete Implementation of Digital and Technology Solutions

Dallas, TX (June 6, 2013) – DAVACO, Inc. (, the North American leading provider of high-volume programs and implementation services for global brands, announced today that the company is partnering with retail brands to implement in-store initiatives that support the latest trends in "customer experience" at the retail level. According to DAVACO, this customer-centric—and often technology-driven— approach is transforming stores to a new level of sophistication and shopper interaction.

"As the retail industry continues to respond to today's fast-paced, connected shopper, we are seeing our clients take a new approach to traditional store refreshes and remodels," said Rick Davis, Founder/CEO, DAVACO. "While retailers are still implementing chain-wide refreshes to maintain aesthetic appeal, they are also taking that opportunity to integrate new functionality and amenities to drive profitability and improve customer experience."

In fact, Davis says that one of the biggest trends is the integration of digital signage and technology upgrades. From large digital screens and audio systems to mobile "charging" stations, online ordering kiosks and self-checkout/RFID systems, today's retailer is catering to the tech-savvy shopper. "Executing these types of programs fleet-wide in all store locations requires a variety of skill-sets. DAVACO has over 1,500 employees located across North America, each with a wide range of experience and training. DAVACO has the breadth and flexibility to assemble qualified teams to implement all aspects of the refresh program— from painting, electrical and fixture assembly to the installation of complex media systems and testing of equipment."

DAVACO offers turnkey digital signage services providing overall program management, installation, replacement and removal of digital signage, including: Site surveys; installation; sustainable disposal of old assets/waste; Close-out documentation to ensure compliance; and digital maintenance programs. In addition, DAVACO brings a network of preferred partners to streamline the process: hardware, software and media players; network operations; content development and media planning; access to direct out-of-home advertisers; installation and ongoing maintenance; broadband internet connection; and various purchasing/ lease options that eliminate the need for large up-front CapEx expenditure.

DAVACO also offers the following services for retail, restaurant and hospitality brands: Rollouts, retrofits, reset and remodels; turnkey fixture programs; equipment and graphic installations; project management; merchandising; inspection, site and marketing surveys; logistics and consolidation; design; sustainability, tax incentives, energy rebates and other special initiatives.

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About DAVACO, Inc.
DAVACO, Inc. is the national leading provider of implementation services, specializing in the management and execution of high- volume programs for nationwide retail, restaurant, hospitality and consumer product brands. Services include: ▪ Rollouts, retrofits, resets and remodels ▪ Fixture and equipment upgrades ▪ Graphic and digital signage installations ▪ Project management ▪ Hard- and soft-line merchandising ▪ Inspection, site and marketing surveys ▪ Logistics and consolidation ▪ Design services ▪ Sustainability ▪ Special initiatives. DAVACO's unique business structure and customer-centric philosophy provides clients with speed-to-market, consistent and professional execution within an open-store environment, and proprietary ClearThread® technology for greater visibility and reporting efficiencies. Founded in 1990, DAVACO is based in Dallas, Texas, with W-2 employees located across the country.

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