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DAVACO Featured in A.R.E's Retail Environments Magazine
Retail Services Provider is Highlighted for “Green” Transportation/Logistics

Dallas, TX (July 29, 2008) – DAVACO, Inc., the national leading provider of retail services, was recently featured in A.R.E.’s Retail Environments Magazine in an article entitled, “Greening Transportation: Shipping is the new frontier in reducing the retail industry’s carbon footprint.” The article, which appeared in the July/August issue, addresses environmentally-conscience choices that service providers are taking to reduce the impact of retail transportation, logistics and consolidation on the environment.

Managing editor of Retail Environments Magazine, Lissa Poirot, cites DAVACO as a company that is integrating “green” practices into its operations at the warehouse and office level. DAVACO’s 154,000 square foot warehouse, located in Nashville, Tenn., decreases its energy usage by “using fans to circulate air in the summer and operates only 30 percent of its heaters in the winter to meet the minimal heating requirements.” DAVACO also lights it warehouse “100 percent by skylights during standard operating hours” and uses artificial lighting “primarily at nighttime for security purposes.” In addition, Poirot notes DAVACO’s corporate green policy which includes, “a paperless initiative and an employee awareness and education campaign with a ‘green’ employee intranet.”

“As a company, DAVACO is committed to doing what we can to reduce energy consumption and support environmentally-friendly choices,” said Rick Davis, CEO. “While our number one priority is our clients and the quality execution of their programs, we know that many of these “green” initiatives are the right thing to do which  can also offer cost savings. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

For example, DAVACO is deliberate in developing schedules and coordinating drop-off locations to create routing and loading efficiencies for its logistics and consolidation clients. “We’ve always been mindful of best practices for the greatest efficiencies,” added Davis. “These strategic processes allow us to reduce the consumption of fuel and decrease the number of trucks on the road, lowering greenhouse gas emissions.”

DAVACO is a member of the United States Building Council and the North Texas Chapter of the USGBC. “These resources, among others, are helping us to continuously shape our ‘green’ programs and be innovative in our approach to better service national retail brands,” said Davis.

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About A.R.E.
The Association for Retail Environments (A.R.E.), formerly NASFM, was founded in 1956 and is based in Hollywood, Fla. Member companies offer a full range of products and services for retail environments, and include store fixture suppliers, retail design firms, suppliers of visual merchandising products, and suppliers of materials and equipment for the retail environments industry. Member capabilities extend beyond fixture manufacturing to include importing, exporting, consolidating, installing, project management, engineering, design, and more.

Retail Environments, which was launched in 1998, is a bimonthly publication designed to keep readers abreast of issues and events specific to store fixture manufacturing. Article topics cover issues relating to marketing, technology, manufacturing and materials, safety & environmental, and finances.

About DAVACO Inc.
DAVACO, the national leading provider of retail services, specializes in the quality management and execution of high-volume rollouts, retrofits, resets, in-store merchandising, shop-in-shops and associated logistics and consolidation. DAVACO offers a comprehensive range of services that helps retailers maximize brand presence and profitability at retail.  Services include: ▪ Rollouts, retrofits, resets and remodelsFixture and graphics installationsProject servicesProject managementHard- and soft-line merchandisingSite and marketing surveysLogistics and consolidationDesign servicesSpecial initiatives.  Founded in 1990, the company is based in Dallas, Texas, with over 700 employees across the country.  For more information, visit

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