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Davaco Enhances Value-Added Technology To Complement Retail Services
Clients Can See and Track Results with Real-Time Updates of In-Store Programs

Dallas, TX (February 23, 2009) – DAVACO, Inc. (, the national leading provider of retail services, announced today that the company recently introduced enhancements to its value-added technology package to support its retail clients and their high-volume programs, including rollouts, resets, retrofits and remodels. Originally developed and introduced to clients in 2005, DAVACO's proprietary technology utilizes mobile technology, customized portals and specialized reporting to give clients greater visibility, productivity and efficiencies into the execution and management of in-store programs. 

"DAVACO's commitment to technology and associated process improvements reinforces our philosophy of customer service, innovation and leadership in the retail services industry," said Rick Davis, DAVACO CEO. "We set high standards for support technology to complement our services and benefit our clients, and when we couldn't find a viable option in marketplace, we developed our own. Since it's our technology, we have the ability to modify and enhance the functionality to better serve our retail and restaurant clients."

DAVACO's value-added technology package features a secure, online portal that centralizes a variety of information related to one or more ongoing programs. Utilizing pocket PCs, DAVACO's team provides real-time updates and photography to the portal, which then alerts the clients' contact(s) via email notification. Clients can track project progress via their customized portal to view digital photographs of stores, merchandise and/or fixtures and graphics, review inventory status, obtain immediate survey data from the store, post announcements, review discussion boards and access other account information. In addition, the client can query individual stores, run filters and exceptions, as well as view, download and print reports.Most recently, the company introduced a "task management" module that allows clients to track time-and-action plans by percentage completed, as well as a "store attributes" module that enables any data to be validated and tracked by location. DAVACO also enhanced its "survey" module to include improved data filtering and reporting

"We're now able to combine the existing features with new modules to make this an even more powerful system to work in unison with the execution that happens at the store level," said Davis. "Between our over 700 retail professionals across the country and the technology that makes them more productive, DAVACO offers the solutions to help retailers execute high-volume programs with ease."

DAVACO also utilizes their proprietary technology for internal processes and operational support. "We've developed programs that help us facilitate project communications and track project time, attendance, field performance and expenses," said Davis. "This allows us to gain greater efficiencies and assure another level of quality control, which ultimately allows us to provide better service and greater value to our retail and restaurant clients."

In addition, DAVACO is also implementing several other technology-based initiatives designed to further build on DAVACO's customer service program, including continued development of Oracle business systems, enhancements to DAVACO's inventory tracking system and improvements to resource allocation and contact databases.

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