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Davaco Partners With Retail Clients To ?Right-Size? Stores
Leading Retail Services Provider Makes Changes at Retail to Maximize Profitability

Dallas, TX (February 24, 2009) – DAVACO, Inc. (, the national leading provider of retail services, announced today that the company is seeing an increase in the number of retailers that are applying the ?right-sizing? concept in their stores and restaurants across the country. Right-sizing is a strategy that takes into account a number of consumer and economic factors to create an optimized store/restaurant environment with the goal of maximizing profitability of their store fleet. 

?Retailers and restaurants that implement right-sizing programs are looking at their consumers? demographics and responding to what influences their shopping behavior,? said Rick Davis, CEO, DAVACO. ?As our retail and restaurant clients develop right-sizing programs for their fleet of stores, DAVACO is able to execute these changes in a rollout program providing quality, speed-to-market and minimal disruption to the store or its customers.?

Right-sizing includes a variety of techniques to maximize the store space, typically focused on creating the ideal product mix and placement, store design/layout and overall atmosphere for each store location. ?Right-sizing encompasses both functional and aesthetic changes and may include approaches like store closings, ADA upgrades, increasing/decreasing department sizes and product offerings or integrating facility improvements such as a new look, lighting, graphics or self-check-out stations,? said Davis

To get started on assessing right-sizing programs, the company recommends a survey of existing conditions to determine requirements for each store. Store information can be collected by DAVACO field personnel utilizing pocket PCs which then can be uploaded to client portals. Utilizing actual store data allows for value-engineering of programs so they can be the most cost-effective and efficient.

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