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National Retail and Restaurant Brands Utilize Surveys to Collect Site-Specific Data

Dallas, TX (February 24, 2011) – DAVACO, Inc. (, the national leading provider of retail and restaurant services, recently announced that the company completed over 160,000 surveys in 2010 for its nationwide retail, restaurant and consumer brand clients. While the survey programs ranged in scope and overall objectives, DAVACO CEO Rick Davis says that the volume of surveys and interest across the industry indicates a growing demand for this service.

“Our clients are conducting surveys across their entire fleet to obtain site-specific information to use for a variety of initiatives, but they all are trying to achieve the same goal: Gain visibility into their existing stores, restaurants or products,” said Davis. “Whether it’s in preparation of a high-volume rollout or a site audit for safety or ADA compliance, utilizing surveys allows clients to take a proactive approach to managing their fleet of stores or restaurants. Having access to site-specific data and the ability to analyze data and photos reduces the ‘surprise’ and allows for better planning and efficient execution.”

DAVACO works with its clients to develop customized surveys to meet detailed program requirements, and then DAVACO assembles a team of trained, professional data collectors from its nationwide employee base to execute the program. Some examples of visual audits and surveys that DAVACO has conducted include: Inspection of general conditions; Existing/new equipment and fixture review; Pre-program survey to plan for rollout/retrofit; Post-program survey to evaluate results; Food and beverage quality audits; Product and merchandising compliance; Safety and quality compliance audits; Attribute and marketing audits.

All of DAVACO’s survey programs are supported by ClearThread™, DAVACO’s proprietary technology that enables clients to oversee the survey implementation and review the survey data from any computer, via a secure internet portal. Each DAVACO employee is equipped with a pocket PC to provide real-time project reporting, data collection and photo/signature capture capabilities, while at the site location. Survey information and before/after photography is then aggregated in a centralized web portal for reviewing, tracking and reporting.

“Conducting surveys at each store or restaurant location across the country can be a daunting task, but the ROI on these initiatives is starting to become clear to many retailers, restaurants and the manufacturers to know the exact condition of their stores, products and equipment,” said Davis. “At DAVACO, we’ve made it our business to simplify the execution of these programs for our clients by offering solution-based services that include technology support and best practices experience.”

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