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DAVACO Supports Industry’s Advancement for Retail and Restaurant Applications

Dallas, TX (May 18, 2011) – DAVACO, Inc. (, the national leading provider of retail and restaurant services, recently announced that the company has joined the Digital Signage Federation ( The organization, which has over 287 member companies, was founded to support and promote the common business interests of the world-wide digital signage industry, the interactive technologies industry and the digital out-of-home network industry.

“Digital signage has become increasingly popular and, in many cases, necessary in today’s dynamic, fast-paced retail and restaurant environments,” said Rick Davis, CEO, DAVACO. “As a leading provider of services and a company that is dedicated to continued innovation, we are responding to our clients’ evolving needs and offering comprehensive turnkey solutions to efficiently integrate digital signage in their stores or restaurants. We are assertively responding to the strategic development of the digital signage industry, and working diligently to become the preferred provider of the installation and maintenance of these systems across the country.”

DAVACO is equipped to provide national retail and restaurant chains with the management and execution of high-volume programs, including remodels, rollouts, resets, graphics or digital signage installations, and site surveys. “Our team understands the special requirements needed to execute programs like chain-wide digital signage initiatives in open retail and restaurant spaces. We’re focused on consistent, quality execution, while keeping our clients’ stores and restaurants fully operational.”

DAVACO supports the advancement and growth of the digital signage industry by participating in industry events, like The Digital Signage Expo, and involvement in non-profit, trade organizations like the Digital Signage Federation. For more information on DAVACO, their current events or association memberships, visit the company’s website at or email at

About DAVACO Inc.
DAVACO, Inc. the national leading provider of retail services, specializes in the quality management and execution of high-volume rollouts, retrofits, resets, right-sizing, in-store merchandising, shop-in-shops and associated logistics and consolidation. DAVACO offers a comprehensive range of services that helps retailers maximize brand presence and profitability at retail. Services include: ▪ Rollouts, retrofits, resets and remodels ▪ Fixture and graphics installations ▪ Project management ▪ Hard- and soft-line merchandising ▪ Site and marketing surveys ▪ Logistics and consolidation ▪ Design services ▪ Special initiatives. Founded in 1990, the company is based in Dallas, Texas, with W-2 employees located across the country. For more information, visit

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